Preda Rossa - Giampiero Mazzoni - Progea

Preda Rossa – Giampiero Mazzoni – Progea

Melloblocco® expects the participation of hundreds of participants. Thus it is compulsory to behave as in the past editions in which the bouldering people became an example for many mountaineers and trekkers. Maybe useless, we still wish to drop a couple of lines to remind newcomers about how to behave when they are the guests of nature.

  • Bring back you garbage with you, whether cigarette butts, snack or energy bar wrappings, cans or plastic bottles.
  • Remember you are the guests of nature and of the land owners where the boulders lie: be respectful, do not walk on pasture grass, follow the paths at the edges of lawns.
  • Try to reach the toilets marked on your map of boulders, it is rather unpleasant to have to zigzag to avoid human droppings in one’s own lawn!
  • Cars must be stopped in the parkings. Showing the Mello-card (you will find it in the event-kit), you will get a free ride on the shuttle that leaves you at the beginning of the boulder areas. As an alternative, a 20 minute easy walk will take you everywhere, it is up to you!

See you all at Melloblocco® and enjoy the event!