Legambiente_ (17)

Legambiente is a non-profit organization aimed to improve and protect the environment by spreading awareness about how human factors weigh and carry responsibility for environmental problems. Its hallmark is the scientific  environmentalism, which is the willingness to build every environmental protection project on a solid base made of scientific data.
In Valle Masino Legambiente runs an information centre, open every morning from June to August, and a “casera”, an ancient sheperd’s house, now a guest house where is possible to spend instructive ecological vacations. The two structures are owned by Regione Lombardia-ERSAF.
Our presence has a central role in making visitors and locals more aware about the environmental issues we are facing nowadays and about the responsibility that everybody has in protecting and improving our nature. In fact, we carrie out many activities in Valle Masino, all of them aimed to communicate and spread our passion about nature. This year we’re planning to organize, during the months of June, July and Agoust, yoga and meditation classes, courses of naturalistic photography and knitting in the woods, tastes of local products, guided tours to discover the alpine plant life, walks under the moon and many other activities that will make people able to see the countless treasures offered by this wonderful mountain landscape.