Blocage Violent – Official XcPegBoard first contest

Official XcPegBoard first contest will take place at 13 edition of Mello Blocco 2016 in Val Masino, Friday and Saturday afternoon at the Explore Climbing boot.
The contest is a test of endurance.
The XcPegBoard has 8 rows of holes in horizontal and 4 rows of holes in vertical.


– The competitors must start with the pegs inserted in the first row of holes in the bottom (1) and must reach the last row at the top (8) of the XcPegBoard with both pegs inserted;
-after that they must come back in the first row, always using the pegs and the holes without touching the ground, and try again to reach the last row many times as possible without putting your feet on the ground;
– To reach the last row at the top you can use each and every hole intermediate skipping one or more rows in horizontal or use them all one by one;
-who cannot reach the last row will take account of the horizontal row closest to the top and must have both pegs stuck in the horizontal row.


The first prize is offered by Explore Climbing and will be the first portable fingerboard that you can use and train wherever you are in the world, the Xc Tsaranoro fingerboard.
The second and third place are offered by the prestigious brand of clothes for climbing MONVIC that will offer also some prizes at the raffle drum that will take place in order for all participants who subscribe to the contest.

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