Download here the Free Climbing Nutrition Guide by dr. Gianluca Bosetti



Download here the Free Climbing Nutrition Guide




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Of course in these days many thoughts go to wonderful MELLOBLOCCO 2015!! And to who still wonder if it was raining or it will be raining next year I can only answer that at Melloblocco this question just make no sense.

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This years we deal about NUTRITION and the events concerned went really well:

#CLIMBERSNUTRITION [alternare le due foto del seminario di Fiorini] a conference about nutrition and free climbing that has seen lot of people fulfilling the first floor of Mountain Centre, supporting the fact that interest for sport nutrition is growing also in minor sports. I would thank again all participants!


#CLIMBERSHANDGRIP: the contest of hand strength at which took part also superheroes as Christian Core, Pierino Dal Pra, Stefano Ghisolfi, Stefan Scarperi, Riccardo Caprasecca, Giulio Bertola, Alessandro Palma, i fratelli Capulli, Giorgia Tesio, Roberta Longo, Michela Lacchio, Giada Zampa

and many many others since there were almost 200 climbers and not climbers waking up early to come every morning from 9:00 to 10:30 at Wild Climb stand!

We had fun, we saw that dominant arm could not be the strongest, that to make some sport doesn’t automatically means to get an adequate muscular mass and finally that symmetry could be very important both in work and in train! I would thank again the sponsors Wild Climb, E9 e Melloblocco for the lottery gift remembering that the strongest Davide Manzoni and Giorgia Tesio could make for free a body composition test just with my contact

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More, #CLIMBERSBODYCOMPOSITION some tests of body composition that involved many interested people, even professionals: a great satisfaction that will keep on with food intake analysis and ad-hoc nutritional plans.

Last but not least, we finally had the big surprise, a real nutritional guide I appositely made for Melloblocco and given FOR FREE,  thanks to the supervision and collaboration with the scientific staff of an international leader company. You can still download it for free here

or from my website:

I would thank again all Melloblocco staff for this great opportunity, especially Nicola, who made all this possible and precise.

Of course in the spare time I tried competition boulder, since this year were luckily a bit more climbable, and in a big fight I was able to solve two male problems, again props to Simone Pedeferri and all staff for the perfect choices.

All this said, anyone still asking about the meteorological conditions? A big hug and see all next year!