It’s 8.30 am, at the Pont Breuil campsite – at 2000 m – the temperature is 12° C, while in the lower Valley we are already close to 30° C!

The sun floods the valley, still lapped by the remaining spring snow.

The comings and goings of mountaineers heading for the Vittorio Emanuele II at the Gran Paradiso is continuous.

Left the car in the large parking lot, we begin to wander around the areas of the blocks all around, a few minutes’ walk.

On one side of the valley we find the blocks with rounded shapes by the glacier, in the midst of flowering prairies, on the other side a chaos of blocks resulting from ancient landslides, with more angular geometries, blades and crags.

On this plane, Saturday 13 July, we are invited to find our line, try it and solve it.

No matter how difficult it is, if it is high or low, if it is to be climbed with performing rock-shoes or with ankle boots for the approach to high peaks. In any case it will still be beautiful because it is found by us, it will be recorded and will be part of the great game „GranPaBlok“.

With this formula everyone, really everyone – big and young (over fourteen can register), very strong and beginners – can participate in the search of new boulder lines.

There will be staff appointed by the organization who will help us to identify the areas, to support us in our exploration, to find the right block for us, they will help us to clean the holds of our line and then record it among the new proposed lines.

For some of us it will be an opportunity to try for the first time – alone or with friends, assisted or not – the joy of inventing a new line. For all others the opportunity to contribute to developing an area of ​​great potential for summer bouldering.

Eventually, it will be an opportunity for everyone to get together and climb the magnificent Gran Paradiso granite gneiss.

Don’t worry if you are passing through to climb higher or for other mountain-related activities. Participate anyway. Ask those with a crash-pad to try the block together. So from one crash-pad to another you can spend the day up and down the rocks.

Registration on site in the days of the event: Saturday 13th from 09.30 am to 6.00 pm; Sunday 14 from 09.30 to 11.00.

Information and pre-registration on