Help Melloblocco 2015 success

Melloblocco 2015 – Pre-registration This year too Melloblocco organises an on-line draw among pre-registered participants with super-prizes and accomodations in Val Masino.

Please pre-register on the web-site. Your pre-registration helps us to prepare the event and is not binding.

To sign up

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Please check out what the super-prizes are:

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Melloblocco 2015 pre-registered list


Help Melloblocco 2015 success

Once in the Valley in the Melloblocco days, please enroll to the Melloblocco booth.

Enrollment will cost you € 15,00 for the 4-day event. Remember that Melloblocco is not a competition, but a meeting for all climbers regardless of their level.

With the enrollment you get the event bag with the Melloblocco 2015 T-shirt, the sponsor’s gadgets, the lottery number for the great Sunday draw, the 2015 boulder map, etc. Morever you will ride free-of-charge on the Melloblocco shuttle buses.


By enrolling you support the event and contribute to the Melloblocco 2015 success.

Melloblocco 2014 - Photos © Open Circle (for HD images contact

Melloblocco 2014 – Photos © Open Circle (for HD images contact