Henry Favre at Melloblocco 2015 !!!

Before leaving for the big journey from Aosta to Capenorth, Henry Favre will visit us at Melloblocco.
“My name is Henry Favre, I’m a young student with many dreams. This summer I am aiming to reach Capenorth with my Ape car. ”Really?” You would ask. “Yes! Really”
“Where I come from, the Aosta Valley, this the typical mean of transport, the one and only. Very often laughed about it, and parodied in many cartoons, it’s the king of the countryman and the special guest in any country festival.
I have a strong urge for adventure, two years ago I’ve travelled all the way to Rome on a moped -1.900 km in a week- I’m not going to deny that it took me three weeks to get rid of the engine’s noise at the back of my head.
Last summer I’ve reached the sunny land of Spain on a Ciao motor bike. It’s easy and cheap, with just a few euros in my pockets I’ve enjoyed some wonderful days with strong emotions.
My motto is ”never stop dreaming” and it keeps me going.

Everyone who will take a picture with Henry with its Ape while moving around or outside the village and then publish it on Instagram will receive a gadget from Grivel.
… look for him … find him and take picture of him … he is among us … you can’t not miss him!

Two young climbing promises at Melloblocco

Grivel will present two young athletes who have all the ingredients to become great climbers.
Tim Muller from Switzerland, currently studying industrial design in the UK. He likes to experiments with every kind of alpine discipline. Nothing stops him! His motto is “just go for it”.
Alessandro Zeni from Fiera di Primiea is a huge fan of Manolo. Trained as a military alpinist has a great passion for climbing. He likes the thrill of the competition, his favourite thing about climbing is the contests.
Both have a very interesting and complete cv, keep an eye on them will hear talking about them soon!