Melloblocco 2015 bus-shuttles

It is better to stop the cars in the parkings. Showing the Mello-card (you will find it in the event-kit), you will get a free ride on the shuttle that leaves you at the beginning of the boulder areas. As an alternative, a 20 minute easy walk will take you everywhere, it is up to you!



Filorera-San Martino-Bagni di Masino-Val di Mello lines

Bus-shuttle timetable:

  • 9:00-19:00 – on Friday and Saturday 20:30 03:00, too (from 00:00 only on call Diego Tourist Office 345 7679236)


  • no charge for Melloblocco participants (showing MELLOCARD)
  • € 2,00 one way Filorera-San Martino San Martino-Bagni di Masino San Martino-Val di Mello (buy the ticket on the bus)
  • € 5,00 pass valid 30 April-3 May (buy the ticket at Melloblocco stand or at Hotels and restaurants)




Morbegno-Val Masino line

Bus-shuttle timetable:

  • on call only: Diego Tourist Office 345 7679236


  • € 5,00 one way (buy the ticket on the bus)