Melloblocco 2018 on tour at Cresciano and Lugano

The definitive and official confirmation by MBB Street Boulder Lugano and the Municipality of Riviera and Patriciate of Cresciano has arrived: now it’s all true, Melloblocco 2018 will go ahead as always! And it promises to be absolutely special.

This year, for its 15th edition, Mello and all melloblockers will go on tour, will travel across the Alps and reach Cresciano and Lugano, in Switzerland’s Canton of Ticino. From Thursday 3 to Sunday 6 May 2018 therefore the world’s biggest bouldering meeting will share all its joy and desire for climbing in one of the most famous, and also legendary, international bouldering paradises.

During the day climbers will tackle the magical problems littered throughout the Cresciano forest, but also in Lugano itself. At night the Boulder Arena, the great Melloblocco village will animate Piazza Manzoni and Piazza Riforma , right in the heart of Lugano. In short, it will be another classic and unmissable Melloblocco. This trip from Italy into Switzerland was stimulated by the organisers of the MBB Street Boulder Lugano event and the historic Melloblocco team accepted the invitation with joy. Mello 2018 is about to go on tour therefore. To get to know each other, to climb, to meet up. And to say, once again, we are part of it!

There’s almost no point in saying that this move is big news: for the first time since 2004 the great international bouldering meeting leaves Val Masino and Val di Mello. At the same time, it must be underlined that this too is another stage that fully embraces the greater Mello journey. Marked by expectations, hopes and challenges, but also happiness and the desire to spend time together. It’s an adventure that continues, in order to combine the free spirit of bouldering and boulderers with their desire for discovery, for untouched nature and for sharing. All aspects which are typical of rock climbing and great passions.

Mello is an idea. Indeed, Mello experienced as an idea and a spirit. This is what motivated, and convinced, the historic Melloblocco team to accept the farsighted invitation of Lugano MBB Street Boulder of this great „traveling“ Mello edition. A decision taken to allow Melloblocco to grow and evolve, and that confirms the international spirit of bouldering and once again underlines the strength and desire to continually explore new horizons. This is why it promises to be a special Melloblocco and, as always, a true Melloblocco for climbing and everyone involved. Stay tuned!

Team Melloblocco – Team MBB Street Boulder Lugano

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