Melloblocco2017: 8000 people in the Valley, 2700 registered climbers, many top climbers and the Italian Boulder Championship


The 14th edition of Melloblocco, the largest bouldering and climbing meeting in the world, came to close today in Val Masino – Val di Mello, Italy.

2700 registered climbers, 8000 people in the Valley and a lot of passion, the same as every year.

Melloblocco is not a competition. Melloblocco is a meeting that climbers celebrate every year and take part in simply because Melloblocco is smile and happyness (#mellosmile is the hashtag of this year’s photocontest).

The program included, as announced, the Italian Bouldering Championship by FASI (Italian Sport Climbing Federation) and a lot of other events and evening shows with Rolando Larcher, Robert Jasper, Stefano Ghisolfi, Gabriele Moroni, Jernej Kruder and the Ragni di Lecco climbers Paolo Marazzi, Matteo Della Bordella and Matteo De Zaiacomo.

There was the Zlagboard Contest and a lot of Field Tests at Sasso Remenno and Centro Polifunzionale (Melloblocco Headquarters). And don’t forget the MelloYoga and the “Climbing Radio Birthday Party”. The Mellojunior boulder contest for all under-14 climbers was the true newcomer, aside the Mellobaby event for children there Mello-FA (First Ascent) for beginners and those who wanted to learn climbing with the Val di Mello mountain guides.

Melloblocco Prize-awarding Boulders

On the boulders set by Simone Pedeferri, Jorg Verhoeven and Anthony Gullsten sent 11 Prize-awarding Boulders out of 12 followed by Alex Megos with 10.

Among the women we saw a superb Barbara Zangerl with 11 Prize-awarding Boulders out of 12, followed by Lara Neumeier with 7 and Madeleine Eppeinsteiner with 5. Good job Babsi!

Italian Boulder Championship organized by FASI

More than 150 boys and girls in the qualification rounds.

On Saturday afternoon 6 men and 6 women got into the finals: Gabriele Moroni, Riccardo Piazza, Michael Piccolruaz, Marcello Bombardi, Matteo Manzoni and Filip Schenk for the men and Andrea Ebner, Miriam Fogu, Camilla Moroni, Annalisa De Marco, Laura Rogora and Giorgia Tesio for the women.

This year’s title went to Michael Piccolruaz and Giorgia Tesio, followed by Matteo Manzoni and Andrea Ebner (2th place) and Riccardo Piazza and Camilla Moroni (3th place).