Ocùn, the brand from Bohemian paradise

More than 20 years ago in Bohemian paradise, the company founder Pavel Hendrych was thinking of the name for his new brand of climbing gear. He was already producing climbing shoes called Rock Pillars. But he wanted a different name for his harnesses and the rest of the climbing equipment. Short name that´d look good written on paper. “I was thinking of it for a long time. It could have been two weeks of searching for the right name. And then I was browsing through the Hruboskalsko climbing guide and one word caught my eye there – Ocún,” says Pavel how the name came to him at first.

Hruboskalsko is a sandstone climbing area in the heart of Bohemian paradise famous for its beauty and for the fact that the usual distance between bolts asks for courage when climbing. Ocún is one of the prominent towers there.

Ocún seemed to be the perfect name – it was connected to local climbing area, it referred to its tradition and pride of the pioneers of climbing here. When pronounced correctly it also sounds nice. The very last test to prove the correctness of the choice was a little empirical research.

He had more than only this idea for the name, though: “I decided to ask a few random people in a pub what they liked the most. I didn´t tell them what I was going to manufacture and sell, I only wanted them to tell me what name they like. I made them choose from five options and all of them replied Ocún was the best.” 

And so it was decided.   


Photo: Stanislav Mitáč, Ocún