PowerYogaProClimb at Melloblocco 2017

Barbara Centinara tell us something about her method and her feeling with mountaneering.„In the spring of 2013 I started Mountaineering course with CAI and I fell in love with climbing, because I found many similarities with the PoweYoga: concentration, breath, fluidity and lightness movements, being present in the moment is with the mind that with the body. Well what can I say …  I fell in love with rock climbing, a movements IN VERTICAL LIKE MY YOGA on the mat. So the idea of creating the „PowerYogaProClimb ®“ was more than perfect for someone like me, loves verticality is rock or ice.

„PowerYogaProClimb ®“ dynamics sequences are built for those climbing, are fluid and rhythmic as fluid and rhythmic is  climbing. With the PowerYogaProClimb ® are taught to restore harmony between body and mind, between our weakest part and the stronger one, between the female and male , between Yin and Yang living in us. Is not just a matter of training the mind because it becomes firmer, with the mind must be practiced also the body and breath, so there is harmony between them, because if the mind is strong but the body does not follow because it has physical grounds you will make more effort and this is also true with a calm mind. So please try the learning to listen to our bodies, our needs and our Soul, it is important that within us there is always a balance between mind-body-soul and this too must be coached“.