The Marmot athlete Robert Jasper at Melloblocco

The well-known German extreme mountaineer Robert Jasper, born in 1968, grew up in the Black Forest. From an early age, he started climbing near his home in the Schlüchttal and in the nearby Basle Jura, (Switzerland). Today, Robert Jasper is one of the world’s leading extreme mountaineers and gained fame as an alpine decathlete. Above all, however, it is in the extreme alpine area, mixed terrain and ice that he sets new international benchmarks.


His special passion is for solo climbing – his way of getting to know himself as well as discovering the beauty of the mountains.


He caused a public furore in 1991 when he climbed the three largest north faces in the Alps (Eiger, Matterhorn and Grandes Jorasses) in record time in the space of a year.


„My objective is to develop a modern style of climbing, like for example, the first free ascent of the JapaneseDirect (1800m/8a) on the north face of the Eiger. I consider the climbing on that route to be the most difficult climbing in the Alps. I also want to develop a modern alpine style in foreign places such as the Tierra del Fuego, Baffin Island, Svalbard and the Himalaya.“


Eiger Matterhorn Grandes Jorasses (the three biggest north faces in the Alps). Climbed solo

North Face of the Eiger(Switzerland). Climbed 17 times by numerous routes, the first time at 17 years old

North Face of the Eiger (Switzerland). “Spit verdonesqueedente” (7a, A1). First ascent, climbed solo

North Face of the Eiger(Switzerland) “Symphonie de Liberté” (8a). First ascent

North Face of the Eiger (Switzerland) “Japanese Direct” (1800 m/8a). First free ascent