This year MELLOBLOCCO will host the Associazione Italia Tibet


Since 1988 the goal has been to raise funds for the Association that promotes the knowledge and the dissemination of all aspects of Tibetan culture and religion.

The Associazione Italia Tibet has for almost 30 years pursued for a campaign of awareness and information about this important issue. It supports the current Dalai Lama in his non-violent struggle for the right to self-determination of the Tibetan people. It also supports him as a spiritual leader, since his resignation as head of the government in 2011.

The Tibet question is an issue that is close to all people, because these human rights violations cannot be silenced and indignant all consciousness structured.


I think this theme resonates with climbers, lovers of mountains and nature, always looking for something more: the conquest of the highest peak, the breath of fresh air that fills our lungs, an air you can only find at the top.  When everything seems motionless for us savour the beauty, harmony, calm, despite the heart beating, sore hands and body overwhelmed by emotions, yet we remain in a state of absolute humility. We are alone with the rock, the mountain. We contemplate and admire it, respect it for its strength, hate it for its difficulty, love it for what it gives us.


Feeling as we do we could never accept the destruction of Tibet, that place full of spirituality and peace, that our restless spirits still seek.

Tibet is all this, its nature, its beauty, its culture and tradition. A people that are slowly disappearing, about to be exterminated by a known hand and forgotten by those who simply do not wish to open their eyes.

The only way is freedom in Tibet. ONE WAY, FREE TIBET.

Thanks you all, thanks to Mello Blocco for the opportunity.

Bianca Malegori and Claudia Todeschini


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