YogAscent again at Melloblocco

Also in this year Melloblocco will be an occasion not only to pull holds on the rock and climb all together in the magical setting of Valmasino, but it will be also an opportunity to increase our perspectives on wider grounds

Climbing, yoga two disciplines so far apparently…but really close indeed…

In that great party, among the incitements below the boulders, instants of silence and concentration, muscles pumping while climbing or while raising mugs,  coloured shirts in the rocks and neverending lights in the night, below the rain or the sunshine…each of us will find its own way of living these days, and be happy

…and if you want, there will be different occasions to approach yoga and understand how yoga and climbing are just two sides of the same coin.

Unity of body, mind and spirit, unity in our common passion, unity with the nature around us and that during Melloblocco reveal in all their explosive power.


Two appointments are already planned: first, an evening seminar to discover what is yoga and its connection with climbing; second, a practical freeclass on the top of Sasso Remenno, where it will be a real pleasure to repeat this experience after the welldone test of last year.

Next weeks we will release updates with all the details…

Stay tuned!

ph. Versante Sud

ph. Versante Sud