Introduction to Melloblocco


Mellopeople by Klaus Dell’Orto

Climbing and particularly bouldering – literally climbing on boulders – is a growing activity throughout the world, including Italy. To witness this positive trend is the rising number of boulderers, the expanding Melloblocco®!

The reasons for its success are the need for wilderness and natural beauty, the wish to meet boulderers from all over the world and to enjoy sport outdoors. Bouldering meets all these requirements, with negligible environmental impact and strong integration with the most advanced models of sustainable land development.

Right from the start, the non-competitive side of the event was especially appreciated, gathering hundreds then thousands of young boulderers and older climbers and mountaineers from all corners of the world. Every edition has seen the participation of a crowd of boulder-lovers, from beginners to world champions.

Besides boulderers, lots of people have come along just to watch, attracted by the spirit of the event and the spectacular emotions offered by this sport.

According to the press and television networks that followed the event with great enthusiasm – there is a wealth of articles, press releases, videos and movies for each edition – Melloblocco is an extraordinary meeting and a pretty unique one in the world.

Its success lies in the wild beauty of the venue, Val Masino and Val di Mello, in the efficient and slender organisation as well as in the non-competition formula which offers boulderers a chance to practice together with the world champions.