A tribute to Chloé Graftiaux

Monday, April 29th – 10 pm: Movie “Chloé Graftiaux – Passion together

She was a great and very charming person and also astonished everybody with her skills on the granit boulders of Val di Mello. She was two times at Melloblocco, 2009 and 2010, and she was able to complete 15 out of 16 hard boulders proposed in the contest in the 2 years.

She was known above all, and perhaps mistakenly so, for her excellent competition results – after her victories in Vail and Sheffield in 2010 she won overall bronze in the Bouldering World Cup – and she confirmed her versatility by also winning the Belgian Lead title on various occasions.

But Chloé was far more than simply competitions. Her passion for climbing was far greater and this took her far higher, much further. From ice climbing competitions – her victory in the Valle di Daone 2010 confirms her extreme versatility once again – to the “real” ice found on Super Couloir on Mont Blanc and other famous icefalls, such as Polar Circus in Canada.

In winter Chloé also carried out a series of impressive steep ski descents, while in summer she managed to find the time for long rock routes, up the smooth limestone Verdon Gorge in France and the rough granite in America’s Yosemite (Astroman, Freerider and The Nose to name but three). Above all though she travelled to the Mont Blanc mountain range every summer, where she climbed extreme classics such as Voie Contamine and Les intouchables, the Gervasutti Pillar and the Central Freney Pillar (from planetmountain.com).

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