Artificial Intelligence at Melloblocco 2016

This year, at Melloblocco, you’ll have the chance to get an insight on Aid Climbing – two events will be dedicated to this specialty:

May, 5th, Thu: 18.45, Sala del Camino, Centro Polifunzionale della Montagna, Filorera:

  • book launch: Intelligenza artificiale (Artificial Intelligence) and screening of the videoclip Tangerine Dream, featuring the author Diego Pezzoli and Roberto Iannilli in Yosemite, recounting as well their meeting with Jim Bridwell and Andy Kirkpatrick.

May 6th, Fri: from 18.00 at Sasso della Iris (lawn of Centro Polifuzionale della Montagna)

  • in collaboration with Camp, upon the launch of the handbook “Intelligenza Artificiale”, the authors Fabio Elli and Diego Pezzoli and an Alpine Guide from Val di Mello will show the gear presented in the handbook and its actual use on rock.

About the book:

“This handbook should be read by everybody going climbing multipitches on rock walls, since they might be dealing with hitches or short sections which can’t be freeclimbed”.

Jim Bridwell

“Finally, in Italy you have a new handbook of aid-climbing: after all, it’s one of the cradles of climbing, and aid-climbing is an actual creed, for its lovers – they deserve this handbook!”

Jim Bridwell

The handbook presents in details aid climbing gear, from the basic pieces to the most exotic ones, and aid climbing progression and strategies; furthermore, twenty of the best aid-climbers worldwide will tell their exciting, interesting, deep, thrilling, moving stories!
Featuring excerpts and stories (many of them as sole right publications) by: Jim Bridwell, Lorenzo Nadali, Jordi Mena, Franco Perlotto, Marco Furlani, Mark Hudon, Warren Harding, Erik Sloan, Matteo Rivadossi, Matteo Bertolotti, Chris McNamara, Royal Robbins, Silvia Vidal, Marcin Tomaszewski, Giuseppe Miotti, John Middendorf, Rossano Libèra, Andy Kirkpatrick, Xaver Bongard, John Middendorf, Diego Filippi, Giuliano Bressan, Libby Sauter, Mike Libecki, Angelo Riva.