Climb For Life – ADMO at MELLOBLOCCO 2015

Even this year the cooperation between Climb For Life – ADMO and Melloblocco will leave a concrete sign: on Saturday the 2nd of May it will be possible to undergo the typization from a saliva sample. The typization is the exam that allows to become potential bone marrow donors: the genetic and immunological information of the potential donor are extracted from the DNA that can be found in the saliva, after that it is inserted in a big worldwide database. If a potential donor matches with a person waiting for a transplantation, he is recalled in order to proceed to the actual donation.

In this way, the opportunity of saving someone’s life “costs” just the time to spit in a test tube. Lots of people did this in the past years: James Pearson, Caroline Ciavaldini, Silvio Reffo, Jacopo Larcher, Gabry Moroni, … For those wishing to become part of this kind of big family: get informed on Climb For Life’s website ( ) and come to our stand at the Mountain Center!

For info and reservations: +39 3485478209 (Spit) – +39 3408545132 (Angela).