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For all those climbers who want to do something good.

by Pietro Dal Prà

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It is with immense pleasure that I can introduce Climb for life – Give Bone Marrow, a logo which promotes bone marrow donation aimed at the international climbing and mountaineering community. Climb For Life – Give Bone Marrow has come about thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of Giovanni Spitale, a young climber currently awaiting a bone marrow transplant.

Talking about bone marrow donation  means creating knowledge and an awareness of the problem that will hopefully induce many people to take action and become bone marrow donors.

The higher the number of donors available the higher the possibilities are for patients affected by deadly diseases such as leukemia, thalassemia and aplastic anaemia, to receive a life saving compatible donation.

Many illnesses are curable only with bone marrow transplant.

We do not know why these illnesses are growing in incidence year after year (maybe because of the Chernobyl radiations showing their effects today, because of the high pollution levels we live in today, because of electromagnetic fields or our modern frenetic life-styles). What we know is that the number of bone marrow donors in the world wide registry are decreasing and getting old.

Anybody can contribute to reverse this unjustified tendency by taking action.

I am sure that climbers and mountaineers have the kind sensibility to understand the importance and relevance of this issue and this is why CLIMB FOR LIFE has been created. It is not only a logo but also a rallying point for climbers worldwide who have decided to act and do something good and try to save life.

Becoming a bone marrow donor is easy, fast and painless.

Through bone marrow donation the donor give a tangible lifeline, the possibility of a cure to all those people around the world who are waiting for a compatible donor to turn up.

Being aware of the importance one can have to someone else also improves quality of life. I have felt “more alive ” than ever before after becoming bone marrow donor. My life has a value not only for itself but potentially for so many other people.

Climbers, mountaineers and sympathizing friends, let us all unite under a single flag, a logo that for once is not fashion but pure substance.

Become bone marrow donors, join CLIMB FOR LIFE. The more we are, the more life can be saved.

CLIMB FOR LIFE gives us a unique opportunity to recognize each other, individuals with a single social conscience. Our aim is a simple one: save someone’s life. And also live our own a bit better.

Pietro Dal Pra

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