We assume that we are not all equal, in fact, often what is useful to someone may even be harmful to others. Every morning from 8:30 to 10:30 will be possible to get an highly accurate vectorial test of body composition (BIVA, moreinfo www.bosettinutrizione.it/download/biva.pdf) lasting about 10-15 minutes with immediate interpretation and report sent via email as PDF.

The price of TEST will be €40 and places are fixed to a maximum of 20, reservation will be accepted in chronological order via mail gianlucabosetti@gmail.com

ATTENTION: 10 test will be offered by WILD CLIMB and they will be done on sunday afternoon after the final lottery!! More, If you are a pro climber (doing boulder or lead world cup competitions) test will be free of charge and sponsored by www.bosettinutrizione.it

So we introduce the concept of personalized nutrition, what is meant by “body composition” and why even with the same body weight and height we can be really different. It is crucial to understand the key principles about hydratation and protein-energy requirements, to learn how to calculate and satisfy them.

Some videos in italian about body composition and sport:



Finally in the evening session from 18:30 on will be possible to do full nutritional consulence with reservation.