Strength of upper body is measured by HAND GRIP, that is the power of the hand given by many forearm’s muscles (Hand Grip Strength or HGS).

HGS is related to the strength of other skeletal muscles therefore it is professionally used for nutritional and functional evaluations, for rehab treatments, as a prognostic factor in chronic and acute diseases and of course in order to evaluate muscular strength in athletes (sport medicine) that finds in free climbing a special value.

As a matter of fact previous studies demonstrated that pro-climbers are beneath 50th and 75th percentile in comparison with general population of same age (for male and female respective); this could predict the climbing level.

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Do you want to know your Hand Grip Strength? Well during Melloblocco a special FREE CONTEST will take place in WILD CLIMB and IL RISUOLATORE stand on Saturday afternoon.

In 5 minutes you can not only discover your HGS with a professional dynamometer but you will also  take part to the special lottery with amazing gifts from the sponsors of this event for the strongest in ratio with BMI (body mass index):

Prizes MEN and WOMEN

-First prize: 1 pair of  WILD CLIMB climbing shoes

-Second prize: 1 pair of  E9 trousers

-Third prize: 1 Chalk bag