at Melloblocco 2016

Finally it’s here: it will be the voice of the climbing community, informing the wandering climbers’ clans, always on the road towards new destinations, being the great soundtrack of every adventure, enthralling with its tales and reports.

It will be by your side: climbing any summit with you, encouraging you for your best performances, soothing you when you’re down; it will keep you up with the latest news, it will tell you great stories.

It will grow with you, it won’t let you down, night and day – just as the fever spurring us towards new achievements.

Climbing Radio – the first web-radio entirely dedicated to the vertical realm – has been born.

After the due technical tests, Climbing Radio is ready on the starting blocks, eager to go wild along with the climbers taking part to the 13th edition of Melloblocco.
Our first live broadcasting will take place in the wonderful landscapes of Val di Mello and Valmasino: Climbing Radio will be the story-teller of one of the most awaited-for events for Italian and international bouldering aficionados.

We’ll be right at the centre of the party, playing good music, providing updates on the competitions, interviewing top-climbers – and rookies, too!
We’ll live together with the climbers the unique vibes transmitted by Melloblocco – just to amplify and broadcast them all over the world.

Save the date of the official presentation of Climbing Radio: Thursday 5th, 19.30 @ Sala del Camino, Centro Polifunzionale della Montagna (Valmasino).
We’ll be glad to meet you, presenting our project and celebrating with a nice aperitif, toasting to the beginning of an exciting journey.
Our broadcasting station will be open to any climber during the whole Melloblocco: stop by for a greeting and have a talk with us, an interview, or just some chatter – or become one of the “voices of climbing”, webcasting news, information and special reports from your place, reverberating the life of your local climbing community.

We’re waiting for you – because we’re already here!