EpicTV and EpicTV Shop at Melloblocco 2016


EpicTV was born in Chamonix in the heart of the French Alps with one simple goal: to give you both the inspiration and the right materials for your next adventure. As we travel the world searching for the best in climbing content, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to stop for a few days in the Italian Mecca of bouldering and climbing that is Val di Mello. And what better time than during the festivities of the 2016 Melloblocco International Bouldering Meeting?

It is with great pride that we announce that from May 5 to 8, EpicTV and EpicTV SHOP will set up camp in Val di Mello, to search out the best boulderers Italy and the world have to offer.

EpicTV are Official Media Partners of Melloblocco 2016

 With cameras rolling, EpicTV will be in the thick of it as official partners of Melloblocco, to discover the best of what the valley has to offer and reveal some of the area’s most difficult boulders. We will be interviewing the world’s best pro climbers and amature climbers as they tackle the problems outlined by the organisers.

EpicTV will also be holding a workshop at Melloblocco in which we will be demonstrating the best techniques to shoot, edit and publish your climbing films. If it doesn’t make you the next big thing in climbing film, it will definitely give you some tips and tricks for improving videos of your next big send.


EpicTV SHOP: providing the gear… and a few beers.

Perhaps you haven’t heard yet (which would be a shame as it means you haven’t taken advantage of our great offers) but EpicTV SHOP is one of the largest online retailers for climbing, mountaineering, and bouldering in Europe. You can talk to our shop experts on LiveChat to find that perfect bouldering shoe you’ve been after, or read our reviews of the best crashpads and equipment from the comfort of your own home, on desktop or mobile.

Whether or not you already know EpicTV SHOP, you’ll find our stand at Melloblocco 2016, where you can grab a beer with us, buy that brush or chalk bag you forgot, and maybe win a t-shirt or hat if you’re up to one of our ridiculous competitions and challenges.


The presence of EpicTV and EpicTV SHOP in Melloblocco won’t stop there, as we’re always open to spontaneous fun, or grabbing some new engaging footage on the fly. And keep an eye out for our EpicTV SHOP pro climbers and some of our other famous friends.


Check us out at: https://shop.epictv.com and www.epictv.com