Handgrip Contest Wild Climb-Il Risuolatore






R.W. Bohannon et al. / Physiotherapy 92 (2006) 11–15

Classifica Femminile



R.W. Bohannon et al. / Physiotherapy 92 (2006) 11–15


Description fields:
A = surname
B = name
E = body mass index
F = maximum force of hand grip
G = ratio force / valid IMC for the final classification

Dynamometry is considered a valuable aid in nutrition to identify and monitor individuals at nutritional risk. It usually supports a more accurate test of body composition (link bodycomposition ) and proves a good independent predictor of mortality, disability, morbidity and length of hospital stay (malnutrition, sarcopenia in the elderly or not, physiotherapy and functional recovery). So our hand grip strength “game” has scientific evidence important, both in the field of sport, either in clinical for patients with inflammatory problems, muscle loss, liver and kidney disease, vascular abnormalities, fatigue, endocrine functions, up to eating disorders .. With this contest we do prevention: without a proper hand grip climbers may take the risk of developing epicondylitis (medial or mainly lateral)! There are also scientific studies in which the strength of hand grip is also related to athletic performance.
Dr. Bosetti Gianluca