MaverInk: La Sportiva focuses on customization


The brand from Ziano di Fiemme launches the customizable climbing shoe.
A climbing shoe is for climbers, one of the few indispensable “tools” needed to guarantee success in their climbing ventures, be they large or small. Every climber has his own different style of climbing and thus accordingly each climber has his own particular type of climbing shoe. The choice of the correct type of shoe depends on the morphology of the foot and the type of climbing that is to be practiced. Choosing the correct shoe is a very complex process and requires important reasoning.

Alongside a purely functional request comes the question of aesthetics: long gone are the times in which the producers of climbing shoes made their models in just one basic, unisex colour, thus turning the product into an icon. This was mainly a functional and aesthetical choice and keyed towards production necessities. Nowadays, however, it is very common to find the same model in a wide range of colours, similarly to sneakers for example and the reason is clear, the climber is no exception and like all other athletes, the climber also wants to express his personality while practicing the sport he loves.


Make way then for colour and graphics able to stand on the rock, and for the client’s own customizations created using the markers or tattoo artists inks: just take a look at climbers’ feet at the base of the cliff walls or in the gyms and you will notice what a common sight it is to find shoes which have been totally transformed in an aesthetics of doodles, writing, dedications making this special piece of equipment all the more personal and important.

La Sportiva, world leader in the production of footwear for the climbing market, has therefore introduced a new product with No-Edge Technology: MaverInk .

As the name suggests, Maver-INK (from ink) is totally customizable as far as aesthetics is concerning by using the pens included in the packaging allowing the climber to “tattoo” his favourite graphics onto the shoe. It is not just a question of aesthetics though, as the product is designed for a young audience each construction element has been studied to promote healthy foot growth, eliminating pressure points, making the shoe a lot softer and more comfortable and for this reason the shoe is ideal for longer routes. Maverink supports climbing in a fluid and natural way following the young climber’s instinctive climbing movements and creating the ideal entry model to the No-Edge technology (a construction method that eliminates sharp edges on the boots) and allows for a comfortable fit that is not too tight.

Creativity in command then, with MaverInk, the next level in the customization of climbing shoes.