In collaboration with Studio Marchetti Dental Office and Guide alpine Val di Mello

Saturday 7 May 2016

Meeting point and registratio at Melloblocco gazebo in the Melloblocco Village Garden. A nice gift will be given to the kids!

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During Mellobaby, the event completely dedicated to the youngest, Studio Marchetti Dental Office, in collaboration with the Melloblocco organizational staff, will be glad to  lead a brief workshop about oral hygiene education for children in scholar age (4-11 years old). The Dr Marchetti’s Dental Office, with a 35 years long experience on territory, will explain, with an easy language, what the caries is and how a correct teeth cleaning should take place; the importance of prevention in youth and friendly and unfriendly food for the mouth; and it will give information about the most suitable food hygiene to keep children’s mouths healthy, protecting them from future diseases, because the right prevention is the key for healthy teeth during the whole life.


First session: h 10-13

Second session: h 15-18

Price: 10,00 €

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