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The book travels through the history of the international bouldering meeting celebrating Val Masino and Val di Mello every year from 2004: an event which has magically permeated the identity of these valleys, representing an interesting example of “Alpine acupuncture”, based on enhancing the value of the boulders disseminated in the meadows and woods of these lateral valleys to Valtellina.

Over the years, the top world climbers have gathered on these boulder together with thousands of bouldering lovers, sharing their passion for nature, rock and climbing.

The book celebrates a decade of encounters, emotions and performances, as well as the desire for sharing and friendship which has led to the creation of the nature reserve of Val di Mello, the largest protected area in the region of Lombardy.

Melloblocco is revealed through many action photos, portraits and landscapes, as well as articles which, year after year, have established the event as the largest and most renown outdoor bouldering meeting in the world.

Pages 168

Price 28,00 €

Language Ita + Ing

©2013 Melloblocco® Printed in Italy da A.G.Bellavite, Missaglia (LC)

This book is the outcome of a creative team: Pietro Bagnara, Michele Comi, Nicola Noé, Sato Oi

Art director & picture editor: Pietro Bagnara

Graphic & space balance: Sato Oi

Freehand drawing: Michele Comi

Text: Vinicio Stefanello and: Michele Comi, Nicola Noé, Fabio Palma, Nicoletta Costi

Photo: Claudio Piscina and: Pietro Bagnara, Klaus Dell’Orto, Diego Neonati

Photo cover (detail) by Claudio Piscina