Melloblocco 2014 – flash 2

Fragments, snapshots and updates from Melloblocco 2014. 1300 Melloblockers have already reached the Valley.

Melloblocco awoke to a grey morning… low clouds and drizzle, but the weather forecast has provided some fleeting glimpse of hope for the afternoon. Rain won’t stop play though, climbing will continue on 4 competition problems that have been protected with tarpaulin covers. Green Woman, Green Man, Disco Inferno and Il gioco di Nalle are all climbable. And also Sasso Terminato, a problem everyone can try in the Remenno area.

In any case, yesterday was a truly intense day during which the following excelled by climbing 5 problems: Gabriele Moroni, Stefano Ghisolfi, Jenny Lavarda, Barbara Zangerl, Mélissa Le Nevé and Yulia Abramchuk. The Russian also won the special prize (a trip to Bilbao for two people) provided by Red Bull for the first climber who sent 5 competition problems. The ex Bouldering World Champion sent her 5 problems almost an hour faster than Lavarda, Zangerl and Le Nevé. “Yulia really deserves it” commented Gabriele Moroni. And we fully agree.

The provisional results include others, such as Giada Zampa and 14-year-old Giorgia Tesio who climbed superbly to send 4 problems, followed by Alexandra Ladurner, Giulia Alton and Roberta Longo who sent 3. Anthony Gullsten sent 4 while Francesco Vettorata and Sachi Amma trailed closely with 3. It’s worth noting that the Japanese managed to flash all three!

Talking of Amma: he was one of the stars last night. Asked how he found the boulder problems, the two times winner of the Lead World Cup replied that he didn’t find them because of the topo map. Adding that it was a beautiful, he said “I’ll hang it up in my room, but I really didn’t understand anything!” Next to him Simone Pedeferri, the artist who drew the map that recounts the entire Mello history, smiled and thanked the Japanese. The Mello map (nothing less that a work of art) hides and leads to the treasure. Everyone is free to find their own…

After the packed cinema last night, this evening the program continues with great Stevie Haston who will introduce the latest Grivel products, followed by Marmot who will present Stefan Glowacz and his “At the End of the World – on Baffin Island”. This will then by followed by Mayan Smith Gobat, Ben Rueck and Sachi Amma and their “Climbing around the world – Some insights from the adidas climbing team about their projects” and Change, staring Adam Ondra, presented by Montura. And to cap it all, there’s Dj Diego Ritz.

In the meantime though (at 10:00) it’s stopped raining at Mello and some are slowly beginning to think about climbing… the weather forceast for tomorrow is good. Forza Melloblocco!