Melloblocco 2015 – E9 is on board!

“Melloblocco marks the time of passing year. 12 years have passed since the first edition and I participated pretty much in all editions.

I always climbed might and main, breaking my nails, scratching and injuring my fingers to blood. Every time with different feeling. It is always exciting and amazing. At every edition I gave my best, heart and soul to climb as many ways as possible also thanks to the support and the friendliness of the people.

I had the opportunity to know new friends , sharing funny and unforgettable moments with the E9 team . It’s exactly at Melloblocco that we feel the need to meet again. Whenever at Melloblocco is fine weather it’s like being in a fairy tale for climbers thanks to the beauty of the valley with its stones and wide spaces.

E9 has been, is and will be there since Mello has been conceived for climbers

Get ready for next 2015 edition! E9 created a surprise just for you

Mauro Calibani”


E9 2014