Melloblocco 2015: Fabio Vettori is on board!

Fabio Vettori and …

A big fresco, a world of human ants, behind this, this is the secret of his success, a real identification with faults and virtues of our world.

Fabio tell us his world of ants from his beginning.

Fabio has drawn since he was a child. at grammar school he always drawn and every time teachers withdrawn his drawings.

In the 1972, his first year at upper school, he created the ants, little real alive animals, with all the types of landscapes, a particular “world” was born.

Parents and friends were interested in his draws, so they started to ask often particular requests but all this work didn’t give back Fabio all his time-wasted  and he was also sorry to separate himself from his “creatures”.

At the beginning the ants were 3 cm high, a little bit clumsy with rigid legs.

Fabio didn’t care about these subjects because the most important thing was to draw lots of ants.

The tables were always black and white, in Indian ink and the colors were only with delicate colored pencils, for example, in an orange carrot, or in a red mushroom or in a blue river.

In the 1982 Fabio had got the possibility to make his first personal exhibition, to know to the people  the meaning and the impressions of these draws and about this world of ants.

In 1984 Fabio was invited to exhibit his draws at the art center of Rovereto, this was his second personal exhibition.

There were old and new subjects, with partial views of Rovereto in these draws.

In 1985 a distributor gave him the opportunity to insert his ants in the best Italian shops with calendars, posters and other gadgets.

After 40 years the ants are, in the draws, flexible and dynamics, with their little movable  head and body and their expressive eyes.

The ants are part of his life and sometimes Fabio can cuddle them and he can play with the poetry.

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The world of the ants by Fabio Vettori at MELLOBLOCCO 2015