Melloblocco 2015: Grivel will be there!


Even this year! With a stand full of news and an exceptional ambassador of alpinism.

Stand at Melloblocco - ph Lorenzo Belfrond

Stand at Melloblocco – ph Lorenzo Belfrond


Grivel Mont Blanc History

On arriving in Courmayeur from Chamonix the alpinist feels he’s discovered the other side of the moon. Even though the Italian and French Alps are part of the same mountain chain, the two sides appear completely different. Anyone used to the French side will find the other mysterious and unfamiliar. Initially it seems harsh and wild but on getting to know it better and adopting a cautious approach one falls under its influence and becomes totally bewitched!

This is the home of Grivel. Created in 1818, by a family of blacksmiths with Walser origins, Grivel was a modest family affair that started to transform their production of agricultural tools to satisfy the rather peculiar demands of a new breed of wealthy tourists who, for unfathomable reasons, wanted to climb the mountains!

Today 180 years later, Grivel, still basically one large family, continues in its balancing act between tradition and progress, between forging and aerospace technology, between intuition and R&D.


Thomas Bubendorfer climbing in Cogne - ph Lorenzo Belfrond

Thomas Bubendorfer climbing in Cogne – ph Lorenzo Belfrond

Grivel Mont-Blanc has achieved all possible certifications: from TUV GS (Sichereit Gepruft) for product quality to ISO 9001-Vision 2000 for our management system and even the ISO 14001 environmental Certification for environmental compatibility.

In May 2009 the company opened a new production unit in a much bigger space where it is easier to manage the different lines of production. This will help our flexibility in the face of the new demands that come in daily from around the world. This new set up means that we can widen our range of products and maintain our avant-garde position in the marketplace.

The new location has allowed us to change to solar energy making our production cleaner and more eco-friendly. Since 2010 all the energy needs are produced by our photovoltaic panels.



GRIVEL – bring your Ice Screws at Melloblocco 2015!

Ice-screwssharpening machine

Ice-screwssharpening machine

We’d like to announce that at our stand we’ll bring a Sharpening Machine for our Ice Screws, therefore anyone that needs theirs sharpened we’ll do it for free! Saturday, May 3rd aGrivel stand all day long a Sharpening Machine will sharp your Ice Screws for free!