Melloblocco 2015: Versante Sud & are on board!


How could we miss Melloblocco?

Every year we bring our climbing gear… and yes, every year we have to wait the end of Melloblocco to taste a mere square foot of rock!
That’s just because we don’t have any single break: three days spent talking about books, about our climbing heroes, talking with authors (and about them!), acknowledging mistakes and typos – and welcoming suggestions and new ideas, criticisms and proposals helping us to publish better books.

How could we miss Melloblocco?

We spend three days meeting dozens of authors and collaborators whose enthusiasm and dedication play such an important role in creating our awesome books, we discuss with the route-setter whose work we have contributed to – thanks to Books for Bolts.
We hear new ideas, we discuss new proposals, we dream of fantastic projects, together with climbers we’ve meet just having a beer for a few minutes…
We plunge into an incredible atmosphere, together with climbers that even at midnight, between one gig and a DJ-set, want to show on the pages of our guidebooks the last route they’ve repeated.
We can’t miss Melloblocco, because its magic lies also in the fact that, even in a realm ruled by performance you can meet people who watch fascinated an entangling movie, who’s happy to engage in discussion about the latest books they’ve read.

How could we miss Melloblocco?

We’ll be there – with our books, our brand new climbing brushes, our daily reports on, and willing to meet, as always, lots of new friends.


Versante Sud (16)


Versante Sud (2)

Versante Sud (18)

Versante Sud (20)