MELLOBLOCCO 2015: Yoga n’ Ride is on board!

During the last yoga class I had, I did make the lion position. Whenever it happens, I remember when last year, for a few moments, the entire gym at Melloblocco roared and laughed at the same time. It’s a nice memory, always makes me smile.

The reality is that at Melloblocco you collect a lot of beautiful memories, and maybe it’s the desire to get more that drives people back to Val Masino, every year, without scare of cold or rain.

Also this year Yoga n ‘Ride will take part of Melloblocco, with the aim to offer yoga classes specific for climbing.

It has been the passion for climbing that inspired me to create specific sequences for our sport; after all, also our body deserves to be thanked after we mistreated climbing. And the mind, sometimes, needs to be emptied and prepared, otherwise it continues to fill with thoughts, to the point that there is no more space … not even to climb in peace.

I think that yoga is a perfect junction point between these two fascinating disciplines, using both body and mind.

For this reason Yoga n ‘Ride will participate to Melloblocco, to give you a bit of Yoga and, who knows, to feel again the whole gym burst into a mighty roar!

In the meantime, if you want to practice a bit of yoga, you should download the FREE Yoga sequence for shoulder, super useful especially after climbing to maintain and re-shape your shoulders!

See you at Mello 🙂

Keep Riding – Laura –