Rules of video contest “Melloblocco 2014: Points of view”.
1- The organization of the event Melloblocco organize its second video contest. The theme of the
contest is “Points of view” and participants will have to be inspired by the event, its environment,
climbers that takes part on it, common life situations.
2 – The contest is opened to all video makers, professional and non professional, of every age (for
people less than 18 years old it will be required a signature of parents).
3- Video can be taken with any device; format: mov, mp4, avi, mts; definition minimum: 640×480).
Videos have no to be published before and they have to be realized during the event, from 1 May
2014 to 4 May 2014.
Winners will be announced on Saturday May 10, 2014.
No limitation on number of videos per each authors.
The file will have to be named with the title of the video.
Editing is allowed along with any music not covered by copyright.
4- Only participants of Melloblocco can take part to the contest. The registration will be possible at
the Melloblocco registration desk, along with the Melloblocco registration.
5- The Author is personally responsible on his videos and on the content of those images, respecting
privacy rules.
6 – Videos can be sent online to the address, indicating as object “Video
contest Melloblocco 2014) and adding all personal data: name, surname, mail and phone number,
until tuesday may 6th, 2014. It will be also possible to bring files directly to the press office in
Centro Polifunzionale della Montagna in Filorera.
7 – A team of professional videographers, members of the organization committee and sponsors will
value all videos received and’ll rate first three positions.
8 – All best videos it will be published on a gallery on the official Melloblocco media partner website,
9 – The organization of Melloblocco and all sponsor that take part on it will have the right to use all
images for free in exibitions, events or publishing. The organization and sponsors will grant to add
credits of Authors.
10 – The subscription of the inscription confirms the agreement to these rules.


Prizes are:



Video Contest 2013

– Winner: – Stefano Ghisolfi su “Pendragon” (by bos) 3461 views

– Second: – Maschio Dominante – Cristian Aristizabal (by spini) 2.151 views

– Third: – Gabriele Moroni su “Brown sugar” (by spini) 2.045 views


The prizes are offered by some of the Companies supporting Melloblocco: