Mellojunior, Self certified boulder contest for under 14

MELLOJUNIOR, Self certified boulder contest for under 14



  • To participate you must be enrolled at the Melloblocco event.

Mellojunior is a meeting for climbers – man and woman – under 14 years

  • The contest takes place on short climbing tracks, named “blocchi” or boulders, to face without rope but using the crash pad to deaden possible tumbles.
  • The event will take place at the blocks area near “Camping Sasso Remenno”. Every boulder will be identified and drawn on a map that will be delivered to the participants.
  • Please note that for underageds is mandatory a parents signature for responsibility and they should be accompanied by an adult.
  • Climbers accompanied by a parents will moved independently in the area. Please note that the organizers don’t provide assistance or crash pad.
  • The organization disclaim all responsibility for any injury or damage occurring to participants or to other.
  • Timetables, place of registration and withdraw self certification cards are the same of Melloblocco.
  • Self certification card should be delivered every day within 7.00pm (Sunday within 2.00pm) at the Melloblocco gazebo
  • You can participate even one day only.
  • At the end of the event a ranking will be drafted assigning 1000 points to every “blocco” and divided between the ones who climb it.
  • The boulders will be the same for boys and girls but the ranking will be separated. Climbing a “blocco con montepremi” at the Melloblocco gathering will lead the participant to the exclusion of the event.
  • The first ten of each male and female category will be prized.