Outdoor Magazine joins Melloblocco 2015


In May 2007 on the 4th issue of our newborn magazine, we had already dedicated an entire column about the 4th edition of a bouldering meeting that, despite its young age, was yet gaining a great success: “Melloblocco”. At the time as well as today, this discipline was growing continuously and it succeeded to involve more and more climbers inclining them towards the outdoor world.

This success was possible thanks to its characteristic of being very similar to a “game”, a means towards friendship and aggregation without rules and tools that obstruct the contact between climbers and their playground: a boulder of few meters in the middle of nature. We were already talking about more than one thousand people from 31 different nations then. In some way it was easy for the organizers to launch a project strictly tied with the extraordinary value of the Mello Valley that represents for this activity a spot of never-ending discovery!

A place where the origins of the Italian bouldering named “sassismo” still echo and that, thanks to the climbing community, preserved itself in wonderful conditions turning into a Natural Reserve. However, making Melloblocco such a popular event (in 2014 it registered 4000 people in the valley and 2600 joining the contest) without distorting its spirit is not so easy.

Thus, congratulations to the organizing team for having fulfilled this very delicate goal.  From our point of view, we try to join every edition of the event first of all to climb and also to describe in our issues how healthy, beautiful and welcoming the bouldering world is. Especially in this valley.

To all climbers our magazine wishes a fun Melloblocco 2015!