Photo Contest “Melloblocco 2014: Points of View” – The winners are …

Klaus Dell’Orto (Official Melloblocco Photographer)
Pietro Bagnara (Official Melloblocco Photographer)
Michele Caminati (Official Melloblocco Video-maker)
Michele Comi (Melloblocco Organizing Committee)
Stefano Scetti (Melloblocco Organizing Committee)
Nicoletta Costi (Melloblocco communication)
Vinicio Stefanello (

President of the Jury: Michele Comi (Mountain guide)

Winners and reasons:

First Prize

“Ti spio” (I am spying you) by Andrea Aiello wins for his “hidden” point of view and the dynamism in the picture.

Andrea Aiello - Ti Spio


Marmot - Long Hauler

Foto n°1 Marmot – Long Hauler


Second Prize

“Saturday-Highball” by Alexander Flatz, a well-executed classic.

Alexander Flatz - Saturday-Highball


Video 2° - Montura - Zaino Timbuk2

Foto 2° – Montura – Zaino Timbuk2


Third Prize

“Nessun timore” (No fear) by Dario Ballabio, an athlete climbing in a sea of rock: an icon of Melloblocco.

Dario Ballabio - nessun timore


Video 4° - Wild Climb - Mangusta

Foto 3° – Wild Climb – Mangusta



Photos standing out for their originality


“Salto nel blu” (Jump in the Blue) byAndrea Aiello

4 - Andrea Aiello -Salto nel Blu


Video 3° - La Sportiva - Scratch- Copia

Foto 4° – La Sportiva – Scratch- Copia


“Ray of Climb” by Alessandra Cristalli

5 - Alessandra Cristalli - Ray of Climb


Foto 5° - Cassin - Guscio antivento

Foto 5° – Cassin – Guscio antivento



“Struggente passione” (Consuming Passion) by Dario Ballabio

6 - Dario Ballabio - struggente passione


Video 6° - adidas man T-shirt

Foto 6° – adidas man T-shirt