Smart Climbing Festival at Melloblocco 2016

Fun, competition and good vibes

in collaboration with Vertical-Life

For this year’s Melloblocco meeting, we created something special! The festival is getting even more fun and exciting: we introduce the Smart Climbing Festival, featuring the Vertical-Life Climbing App.

Like last year, the Melloblocco visitors will have the chance to discover the Masterpiece Climbing Circuits on granite rock – the most legendary and classic boulder problems of the valley. By following one out of three circuits, you can take up the challenge, discover fascinating spots and participate in the Smart Climbing Festival.

What’s new this year?

We integrate the circuits as an open festival contest for everybody. The participation will be based on the Vertical-Life Climbing App, allowing to share the results and adding entertaining features. This way, the participants can use their smartphones to find the blocks, check out the topos, mark their ascents, follow the achievements and upload pictures to the live-stream.

Climb, send, Zlag!

By registering to Melloblocco, all participants will get access to the Melloblocco Climbing Guide in the Vertical-Life application (published April 2016). You can download the topos to your phone, follow the path of your circuit and mark the boulders you send with a Zlag. The live achievements will be shown online and in the festival village on a big screen. Wifi-hotspots will be available in the valley to synchronize your Zlags.

Individual and team participation

The contest modus is simple. The three circuits represent three difficulty levels: Sassisti (5-6a), Melàt (6b-6c), Gigiàt (7a-7b). As an individual participant, you will take part in the male or female competition, collecting points with your ascents in the chosen category. As a team (registration on site), you can compete in groups of 2-4 climbers, collecting as many points as possible by sending boulders of all categories.

Stay tuned for more information!