Smart Climbing Festival // Melloblocco 2017 – App Download:


Let’s get started! Use your smartphone to discover the Masterpiece Climbing Circuits and be part of our open fun boulder contest. Everybody is welcome to participate: explore, climb and enjoy!

Download here the APP in its basic functions

Now you need a code to activate all the features

Register for the Melloblocco meeting and collect your starter bag at the registration desk of the Festival Center. Sign up for the Vertical-Life app and get access to the Melloblocco 2017 Climbing Guide by using the free app code, that you get with your starter bag. Download the topos and mark your sent boulders with a Zlag.

Scoring system

There is a female and a male category and the levels of difficulty are four: Il gioco dei sassi (recreational), Sassisti (5-6a), Melàt (6b-6c), Gigiàt (7a-7b). You can collect points by sending boulders and marking your ascents in the app with a ‘Zlag’. If you complete an entire circuit you get extra bonus points; however, you can also do boulders of different circuits.

  Points Bonus
Il gioco dei sassi 2 20
Sassisti (5-6a) 4 60
Melàt (6b-6c) 6 80
Gigiàt (7a-7b) 8 100

Smart Climbing Festival_team

Team participation

Four climbers can join together and form a team. The points of each team member will be added up to the total team score. You come up with a team name, register your team on-site and get your free access code at the Vertical-Life desk (Melloblocco Center).

And the winners are …

… the three plus three climbers and the team with the highest scores. They will be awarded a prize at the Melloblocco closing ceremony.

Also, all the live results are displayed on a screen at the Melloblocco Center and on the website under In the app you can check out the local hero ranking of each circuit and follow the real time Zlags of all the climbers in the Zlagfeed.

The app also contains the locations and topos of the more difficult prize-awarding boulders for athletes that take part in the official pro-contest.

Vertical-Life Climbing App

The Vertical-Life app is your climbing guide for the Masterpiece Climbing Circuits, providing access maps, boulder topos and many useful features.

How to get started?

  • Download the app for iOS or Android.
  • Register as a user.
  • Go to App Guides > Events > Melloblocco > Melloblocco 2017.
  • To unlock the guide, enter your free code, that you get at the registration desk.
  • For teams: in the side menu, you find the section codes where you can enter your team-code.

How to navigate?

  • Download the Melloblocco topo for offline access.
  • Find your way with the access maps.
  • Find the topos for each circuit.
  • Mark your ascents with a Zlag.

When offline, your Zlags are saved to your device. For the automatic synchronization you have to connect to the Internet. There are wifi-hotspots at the Melloblocco Center and throughout the valley.

No smartphone?

Alternatively, you can access the website and insert your ascents manually.

About the Vertical-Life Climbing App

Hundreds of worldwide sportclimbing and bouldering areas: the Vertical-life climbing app offers you detailed information of climbing areas all over the world, provided by local developers and authors. Connect with other climbing enthusiasts and track your achievements.