The Italian Boulder Championship 2017 joins in Melloblocco, the biggest international meeting of sport climbing on cliff in the world, which will take place on May 12th and 13th between the beautiful landscapes of Val Masino and Val di Mello (SO).

Italian Federation of Sport Climbing (FASI) and Melloblocco join forces to donate a more exciting show to the thousands enthusiasts that reaches every year our country to see the performances of the best boulderist in the world. In the last editi0n of Melloblocco there was over 3 thousand registered e 8 thousand viewers from 22 countries.

In particular FASI, with the support of ComitatoRegionale Lombardia, will manage competition’s logistic and operative issues, a demanding task that involve transport and installation of a 30 meterslong mobile climbing wall, with an appropriate covering, in a beautiful but hardly reachable place.

Ariano Amici, FASI President: “Such a competition require a relevant economic commitment to our Federation, which wants to put sport climbing in contact to bouldering through this championship. We wants to reach our objective with the help of Melloblocco organizators and all the people that will collaborate whit us”.


Italian Federation of Sport Climbing (FASI)represent a CONI associated discipline with over20.000 members and is associated with International Federation of Sport Climbing (ISFC) approved byCIO. Sport Climbing, for the first time in his history, will take part in the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020.


For further informations:

Marco Iacono

Responsabile della Comunicazione FASI

Tel. 333 2435568


Pietro Di Pisa

Ufficio Stampa FASI