YOGARRAMPICATA at Melloblocco 2015


It is quite difficult to find a word to describe Melloblocco, even after my participation to all its editions.

Thousands of people crowd the valley, bringing their own way of feeling, living and climbing. Each one is different, each own is an individual … but here they are all united …  in their passion, in sharing this passion, in the marvelous context of this unique event.

Unity… that’s the word that probably best describes Melloblocco.

Foto di Davide Quadrio

Foto di Davide Quadrio

Climbing itself is unity … between body and mind, with other people, with the nature surrounding us.

At least, this is the deep meaning I give to my own way of being a climber.

There is another word which means unity: Yoga!

Foto di Davide Quadrio

Foto di Davide Quadrio

Like climbing, Yoga starts from the body to go over, to understand ourselves, to be happy and feel good. This is why I have been always fascinated by this discipline, so close to climbing.

Thanks to the support of many people and the availability of Versante Sud, I had the possibility to explain my perspective of yoga and climbing in this book, where I hope that many climbers could find useful information to approach Yoga and its real meaning, to live also climbing with a different consciousness.

The staff of Melloblocco is giving me the opportunity to present this book during the event, and I hope to meet there many of you.

I can only say a grateful “thank you” for this occasion, taking place in a magical context that always played a major role in reminding me why I love climbing.