Zlagboard Contest
 at Melloblocco 2015


World Ranking of Hangtimes: Zlagboard Contest

For almost one year now, there has been a world ranking of hangtimes, with more than 2200 climbers from 60 nations on its list. They are the participants of the different Zlagboard Contests, which took place on many outdoor and climbing events during the last year. Melloblocco 2015 will be the next tour stop.

Every evening at 6pm in the garden of the Melloblocco Village, you will have the chance to prove your finger strength and compete with other climbers. The competition mode is simple: everybody aged 15 or older can sign up for the contest at the Vertical-Life stand on site. The participants have to hang on the 2cm contest edges on the Zlagboard as long as they can, without using any additional support. The hangtime is measured precisely and becomes part of the worldwide ranking, where men and women are categorised separately. Several attempts are allowed, the personal best counts.

Great prizes are waiting for the daily winners, and who manages to break the current world record will get a Zlagboard Pro. Among all contestants a climbing weekend in Gröden/Val Gardena is raffled off.


Video: World Record by Ramonet Puigblanque https://vimeo.com/112178730

World record by Ramonet Puigblanque

The previous contests have shown that the average hangtime of all participants is around 45 seconds. Only 6 climbers managed to hang for more than 2 minutes, with the record holder Ramón Julián Puigblanque way ahead of the rest (hangtime: 2:44.34) . Alex Megos comes second (02:11.88), on the third place follows Stefano Ghisolfi (02:09.65). The strongest woman is Angela Eiter (01:54.40), placed eighth.


World ranking: https://zlagboard.com/rankings

Training with Zlagboard and App

The special mechanism of the Zlagboard allows the accurate time measurement: a smartphone can be attached to the device support, counting the hangtime through the associated application. However, the board has not only been built for the contests. The company Vertical-Life developed the innovative hangboard as a training device for home use and for climbing gyms. The use of a digital app brings a lot of advantages: The training plans of the app include instructions for hang and pull-up exercises as well as rest times. Training professionals like Patxi Usobiaga and the guys from Gimme Kraft designed the schedules for different difficulty levels. The statistics function shows the results and the personal performance curve.