The great shows at Melloblocco 2014: Stefan Glowacz on Friday night

Friday, May 2nd at Centro Polifunzionale 9 pm Stefan Glowacz presents “At the End of the World – on Baffin Island”, with Marmot

PRESS INFORMATION 2013 – Stefan Glowacz – Vita

Stefan Glowacz – Germany’s most successful competition climber


Date of birth:              March 22nd, 1965

Height/Weight:           1,80 m/70 kg

Occupation:                Adventurer, Climber, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Competition Results:

1985:               Winner Sport Roccia (Bardonecchia, Italy)

1987/88/92:     Winner Rock Master (Arco, Italy)

1992:               Winner of the unofficial demonstration competition at the Olympic Winter Games (Albertville, France)

1993:               2. Place World Championship (Innsbruck, Austria)


Climbing Highlights:

1994:               First ascent „Des Kaisers neue Kleider” (The Emperor’s New Clothes) Wilder Kaiser, Austria (X+), Greenland expedition, first ascent „Moby Dick” (IX+)

1995                Canada expedition, first ascent „Fitzcaraldo” (VIII+)

1996:               First ascent with Kurt Albert, Dolomites: South Face of Kleine Zinne, „Gelbe Mauer” (IX)

 1997:               East Greenland expedition, first ascent „Nordlicht” on Tupilak (VIII+)

 1999:               Sailing and climbing expedition to Antarctica, first ascent „Hart am Wind“ (IX)

 2000:               Climbing expedition Vietnam

 2000:               Kajak and climbing expedition to Baffin Island: first ascent „Odyssee“ on Polar Bear Spire (IX)

 2001:               Climbing expedition to Mexico, „El Gigante“ (IX+)

 2003/04/05:     Patagonia, Murallón „The lost world“ (VIII), „Vom Winde verweht“ (IX)

2004:               First ascent Titlis, Engelberg/Switzerland, „Letzte Ausfahrt Titlis“ (X-)

2006:               Climbing expedition to Venezuela, Acupan Tepui, „Fegefeuer“ (IX-)

2008:               Climbing expedition to Baffin Island, „Take the long way home“, Bastion (X-)

2009:               Climbing expedition to Minas Gerais/Brazil, „The place of happiness” (IX)

2009:               Non-stop ascent attempts on Fitz Roy in Patagonia, Argentina/Chile

2010:               First ascent of “Behind the Rainbow” (X) on La Proa at Roraima Tepui on the border triangle of British Guyana, Venezuela, Brazil

2011:               First ascent attempt on Gauri Shankar, Nepal

2012:               First ascent attempt on Fitz Roy in Patagonia, Argentina/Chile

2012:               First ascent “Golden Shower” in Gorge du Verdon, Southern France

2012:               Awarded title of Climbing Ambassador by Aquafil

2012:               Awarded the Allstar Olga Award of Climax Magazine

2013:               Expedition to the Seven Giants, Ural Mountains, Russia



Werner Herzog – Grido Di Pietra

Stefan Glowacz – Arco Rock Legends Climbing Ambassador by Aquafil

Roraima_Stefan-Glowacz - ph. Klaus Fengler

Roraima Stefan Glowacz – ph. Klaus Fengler


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