The great shows at Melloblocco 2014: Steve McClure on Thursday night

Thursday, May 1st at Centro Polifunzionale – 9 pm: Steve McLure presents “A Window of Opportunity”, with Marmot

Steve McClure is one of the most famous and respected sport climbers in the world. Here is a list of his achievements and accolades …

* Britain’s most prolific sport climber in history.
* One of the world’s leading sport climbers and known for a number of difficult traditional routes in the UK. Known worldwide, particularly for sport achievements.
* Responsible for many first ascents of F9a routes in England and a number of 9a+ routes. First Britain to onsight both F8b and F8b+. Traditional routes include a number of E9’s and onsights up to E8. Also an ascent of Rhapsody, E11.
* Climbed all over world, major visits of significance to America, Canada, Mexico, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Croatia, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Thailand, China, Australia, New Zealand. Climbed on many rock types and experienced in many styles including Sport, Traditional, Big
Wall, Mixed, DWS, etc.
* Began climbing with both parents at age 4, seen all changes occurring within the sport and very knowledgeable on the history.
* Known well in Britain for regular columns in CLIMB magazine, Britain’s premier climbing magazine. Articles also appearing in many worldwide magazines
* Lectured on personal climbing achievements around the UK and also on general British climbing in Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Italy and Switzerland. Also series of motivational lectures.
* Regular coaching trips and masterclasses in both UK and world wide
* First 9a in England
* First ascent of new 9a+, currently Britain’s hardest sport route.
* First ascent of one of the world’s most famous ‘projects’, to give Northern Lights
* Appearing in and helping to produce many films. (Depthcharge and Hotel Supramonte, Hard XS, Psyche and BBC TV programmes)
* Second ascent of two E9’s in Pembroke, on-sight of various E8’s. E11 headpoint.
* 5500m peak solo in Nepal
* Four times Overall Winner British Indoor Leading Champions (2001, 2003, 2004, 2005)
* Placed 7th at International Masters Leading Competition, Birmingham NIA 2001


Steve McClure climbing Northern Exposure ext. 9a+, Kilnsey

Steve McClure’s massive Malham link up

Committed II: Steve McClure climbing Rhapsody E11

Hubble – Steve McClure


* 1970 – born
* 1977 – first traditional lead climbing
* 1983 – E3 solo
* 1986 – E5 – Magic In The Air
* 1987 – Liqeur De Coco – 7c+ Verdon
* 1992 – polpot – Verdon – 7c onsight
* 1995 – zeke the freak – 8b – Peakdistrict
* 1996 – Evolution – 8c+
* 1998 – Mutation – 9a
* 2000 – Northern Lights – 9a
* 2003 – Rainshadow – 9a
* 2007 – Overshadow – 9a+
* 2008 – Northstar – 9a
* 2009 – Hubble – 9a
* 2010 – Finest Pedigree – 9a+
* 2013 – Batman – 9a/+
* 2014 – To be continued … ?