La Sportiva presents Miura XX the climbing shoe signed by Adam Ondra

In 1997 a new shoe was introduced to the climbing market and thanks to its particular technical features and high levels of performance, it was soon to become a part of the history of modern climbing and a favourite of all the strongest climbers of the time: Miura.

La Sportiva, is the brand that has always been seen on the feet of climbers since the earliest days of the sport with its rigorously “Made in Trentino” products and so now the company has decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this famous climbing shoe with a revised edition of this tradition model, designed and approved by another icon of modern day climbing, the extremely strong athlete Adam Ondra (Cech Rep) who in 2012 used a prototype pair of Miura XX to complete an incredibly difficult route in the Flatangher cave in Norway, hence given the name “Change” and today considered one of the hardest climbs in the world.

Precise, rigid and as well structured as always the shoe is today even more long lasting thanks to the P3 System® insert that allows to keep the arched shape unaltered over time. Miura XX is a limited edition and will only be produced during the anniversary celebration year (2017) and thus represents a unique collectors piece for admirers of the traditional La Sportiva models.
From a technical viewpoint, Miura has always been one of the most precise, rigid and high performance models on the market, ideal for climbing on small holds and for use on heel blocks, responding to the demands of the technical climbers. This is what helped make Miura part of climbing history: a twenty year long career on the feet of the best climbers in the world.