Black Diamond at Melloblocco 2015: „Chasin-the-rubbish“ in Val di Mello


Great News from BD!

  • Nalle Hukkataival and Barbara Zangerl will be coming to Melloblocco 2015.
  • „Chasin-the-rubbish“ in Fontainbleau and Val di Mello

Every year at Easter there are an estimated 10000 climbers hanging out at the bouldering blocks and other visitors in the forest around Fontainebleau. Black Diamond will be there from 3rd until 6th April 2015 with a team of Black Diamond athletes and employees to draw the visitor’s attention to a more responsible approach to nature and rock. Climbing in Fontainbleau has already been popular at the end of the 19th century, and still there are more boulders to be discovered. The forest offers lots of space and rock. Our goal is to preserve this playground for the next generations.

The BD Team and the athletes Nalle Hukkataival, Nico Favresse, Fred Nicole and Dorothea Karalus want to explain responsible behaviour to visitors and climbers through talks and information on flip charts. For example climb only with clean climbing shoes (sand on the soles polishes rock), don’t use too much chalk, don’t leave tickmarks behind, stay on the marked tracks (risk of erosion), don’t leave behind rubbish (especially no toilet paper), don’t make fire.

Black Diamond is organizing this Clean Climbing Event for the fourth time. Just like in Fontainbleau also in Val di Mello many climbers gather at the Melloblocco from 30th April until 3rd May. Here also the BD Team fulfils the same role and engage with the boulderers and visitors. After the large climbing event nature should still be shining in its entire beauty – and this requires a responsible approach of each single person.

Barbara Zangerl - BD

  • BD program at Melloblocco 2015

During the Mello Blocco BD wants to talk and engage with the visitors and boulderer and climbers to share and practice a “clean” climbing ethics in Val Di Mello

Thursday April 30th– until Sunday May 03 – Black diamond Field test with Harnesses; Helmets, Crash pads, Camalots

Friday May 01 at 9 pm Barbara Zangerl, Pietro Dal Pra, Jacopo Larcher and Nalle Hukaktaival present the BD “Clean Climbing Idea”.


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Black Diamond at Melloblocco 2015: „Chasin-the-rubbish“ in Val di Mello

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