about 2023 4-7 May
International Boulderin Meeting since 2004
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Melloblocco is for everyone

Everyone can participate, from young to old, from World Cup athletes to amateurs. It is a gathering, not a competition, which takes place on the many granite boulders scattered in the magnificent natural scenery of the Val di Mello and Val Masino, among woods and meadows, on the edge of streams and waterfalls.
A meeting where the participants try the boulders together with the best specialists in the world, sharing a healthy, vital passion in the open air. Melloblocco does not use structures of any kind and simply enhances what nature has made available. Melloblocco is also attention to how we move in natural environments because we all have an impact, because even the spaces for adventure and climbing are not infinite and must be preserved. For this reason, it was decided not to add any new area to the immense existing bouldering park, to favour the recovery of a part of the thousands of boulders of all difficulties that dot the valley.
An invitation to move exclusively on foot, pay attention to the hidden stone jewels, to the numerous corners of beauty, far from the mere consumption of experiences. Where the only energy we use is that of our muscles.
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You can contact us at info@melloblocco.it