about 2004 8-9 May
Melloblocco: a great success!
It was probably the largest and most spectacular European climbing meetings ever! About 320 boulderers (top athletes as well as amateurs) responded to the call from the Lombardy Mountain Guides for the Melloblocco, the international (non-competitive) bouldering meeting in Val di Mello, a beautiful side valley to Val Masino, in the northern province of Sondrio. A small-large colourful-smiling (and respectful!) “Wild bunch” followed by about a hundred non-registered onlookers and climbers created a sort of Woodstock amongst the incredible boulders, green meadows and blue skies in one of the most beautiful valleys in the Alps. Well, what can I say? I’ve never seen so many boulderers grouped together in the space of just a few hundred square metres, enjoying such a merry atmosphere. And before providing a technical analysis, I’d like to point out that, during the two extremely crowded days very little rubbish was left behind and what remained was the result of forgetfulness rather than disrespect. I’d say that boulderers taught rock climbers, mountaineers, and weekender tourists a lesson.