about 2011 5-8 May
Melloblocco 2011 and the great bouldering tribe
Melloblocco, Val di Mello, the bouldering tribe and the biggest bouldering meeting in the world I’m not going to search for words I can’t find, to tell you old things in new clothes... This time (in the words of Italian singer Guccini) I’ll not talk about Melloblocco #8 in the usual manner. I won’t tell you how beautiful it was, even if it exceeded all expectations. And I won’t tell you about that valley where waterfalls drop in curves. Nor will I mention its colours. Or the emerald green alpine meadows. And I won’t mention the sun (splendid this year) which played its game of hide and seek through the Bagni di Masino forest. I don’t want to talk about those marvellous rock faces stacked high, one on top of the other, as if created by some sort of visionary artist. Nor will I mention those innumerable boulders which seem to have fallen directly from the sky, or from the Precipizio degli Asteroidi, to make every boulderer happy.